Thursday, 21 August 2014

Showcase Cinema at Bluewater

Last month I was invited along to the Showcase Cinema in Bluewater along with Tanya, Tapanga and Tanya's little sister where we went to see Earth to Echo.

The Showcase Cinema has recently undergone a brand new refurbishment and boasts an IMAX cinema screen along with 12 other screens as well as a gallery bar where you can watch movies in a top level balcony with the most amazing comfiest seats. Now we didn't actually watch our movie in the IMAX or the gallery bar but we were shown them and I have to say from what I saw I am definitely looking forward to going back again and watching a movie in both of them.

When you enter the cinema you are greeted by a very large foyer where you can buy your tickets, grab some pick & mix, indulge in some Ben & Jerry's and also grab some of the amazing popcorn that they pop themselves on site - They do a range of flavours with your standard sweet and salted as well as their very own caramel flavour. 

We watched our movie in one of the standard screens and I have to say it was one of the comfiest cinema experiences I have ever had, the seats were spacious and very comfortable along with the sound being perfect and non tinny like it has been in some cinemas I have attended. After we watched our movie we were taken upstairs to see the gallery bar where we were treated to a snack plate and drink which is something that is included in the price of a gallery ticket. The snack plate consisted of some tortilla chips, salsa, a chocolate muffin and a box of celebration chocolates plus the drink is completely refillable.

We were able to view one of the screens that you can buy a gallery ticket for and I have to say it is absolutely massive with the gallery section being completely away from anyone down below. The seats in the gallery section are also something to shout about as they are like two seater sofas and so comfortable which is probaably why Tanya and I spent quite a while testing them out.

The staff at the Showcase Cinema in Bluewater were also very friendly and Mathew who showed us around really knew what he was talking about and provided us with great information about the cinema and the refurbishment.

The ticket prices are also really good for the standard of the cinema with tickets starting at £8.10 for a child and £8.55 for an adult. The gallery tickets are much more expensive at £21.45 per ticket but I think they are definitely worth it especially if you like to watch your movie in peace and complete comfort, the fact that you get the snack plate and refillable drinks is what makes these tickets quite appealing for me as you would normally spend quite a chunk of money on things like drinks and snacks at the cinema although I would much prefer a box of popcorn rather than the tortilla chips or have popcorn as an option instead.

Over all I am really impressed with what I saw and I can't wait to go back to see another movie.

Have you been to the Showcase Cinema in Bluewater? 


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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

MAC Pink Pigeon & Girl About Town

Mac Pink Pigeon & Girl About Town | MAC Pink Pigeon Swatch | MAC Girl About Town Swatch

First off let me say sorry for not posting properly for the best part of a month, its been a bit hectic at home and I have been really stressed out about still being unwell plus it was also my birthday so I have just not really been in the right head space. I'm hoping now that I have taken a little break from all things blog and social media related I can get back to doing it and ignite my love all over again.

Speaking of my birthday I was utterly spoilt by my family and friends where I received an abundance of presents which included these two beauties which I just couldn't wait to share with you guys.

As many of you know by now I am an absolute lipstick junkie with MAC lipsticks being a firm favourite of mine so I was really excited when I got these two especially as they are both colours I really wanted. Pink Pigeon is actually a lipstick I saw quite recently and mentioned I needed so its good to know ears were actually listening at the time I was banging on about lipsticks and which ones I needed in my life where as Girl About Town has been a shade on my wishlist that I have never gotten round to buying myself.

Pink Pigeon is a matte lipstick although I feel it is more semi matte than full on matte as it still has such a soft and creamy texture to it with an ever so slight sheen when applied to the lips. The colour goes on perfectly opaque in one swipe with no dragging like some matte lipsticks do and I have to say its a shade I completely adore although it looks shockingly similar to Girl About Town when applied to the lips.

Girl About Town is one of those iconic lipsticks that every MAC junkie seems to have in their collection and I really love it with my only problem being that it looks so much like Pink Pigeon on my lips, not that I'm complaining about it as bright pink lipsticks are definitely my thing and I say the more the merrier. Due to Girl About Town being an amplified formula it really does pack a punch in the colour department which is why they are my favourite formula of MAC lipsticks as well as the fact I find them so ultra hydrating and creamy.

Have you guys added any new lipsticks to your collections recently?


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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Festival Fun in Manchester

If you’re planning a city break, the fun, friendly and vibrant city of Manchester is a great place to visit with family or friends. With great transport links and world class bars, restaurants and shops, it’s got more than enough to keep you amused, but why not visit when there’s something extra special going on, to make your weekend in the North West even more memorable?

Manchester Food & Drink Festival, 18-29th September

This hugely popular annual event is a great way to get to know Manchester better through one of the things it does best – food and drink. Whether you’re interested in the history of all things culinary in Manchester or you want to sample exciting modern street food, there’s all this and more on offer. The main hub of the action is in Albert Square, but this is a citywide festival with food, drink and music events going on all over the town, so no matter where you are in Manchester, you’re sure to come across something with a fabulous foodie theme going on.

Soccerex Football Festival 2014, 6 & 7th September

This free international festival of all things football has taken place at Jumeirah Beach in Dubai, Copacabana Beach in Rio and Nelson Mandela Square in Johannesburg. Now it’s the great footballing city of Manchester’s turn to play host at BT City Square, Etihad Stadium. Football icons like Manchester United and France’s Louis Saha and Columbian star Carlos Valderrama are confirmed to appear and there’ll also be tournaments, competitions, workshops and coaching sessions on offer, meaning it’ll be two days of heaven for football fans and even those who are only going to chaperone the football crazy members of their family should be able to enjoy the fun atmosphere.

The Warehouse Project, 27th September – 1st January

If you’re heading to Manchester to party, then this autumn is the time to do it. This year the massively popular clubbing festival the Warehouse Project is returning to Store Street, its original subterranean home, deep under Piccadilly Station in the city centre. This series of club nights attracts the biggest names in international DJing and the most exuberant party people – great crowds are guaranteed as the programme kicks off when Manchester’s students are returning to the city for the new term and culminates in the party hedonism of the Christmas season. So if you want a big night out to remember during your stay in Manchester, go online and book today as capacity is limited and demand is high.

Whether you’re improving your ball skills, sampling food and drink from around the world, dancing until the sun comes up or just shopping until you drop, you’ll need somewhere central to rest your weary head. A Travelodge in Manchester is an ideal option for a cheap, clean place to stay in a choice of thirteen locations across the city. Now all that remains for you to do is get out there and join the party!

*I was compensated for this post

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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Purely Perfect Cleansing Creme


I have to say from the moment I heard about this I was completely intrigued because it goes against the norm with washing your hair as we are all told to shampoo twice and condition once but with this you cleanse your hair with the cream with no suds and no conditioner. The concept of this was so weird to me at first because I have been washing my own hair in a certain way for years and I have also been taught a certain way to wash hair when I was a Saturday girl in my local hairdressers and during my training to become a hairdresser which has always be cleanse, cleanse, condition.

I have been using the Purely Perfect Cleansing Creme* now for around a month so I feel I have given it a good test before bringing my review to you and letting you know all the pros and cons to it. 

Lets get rid of the negatives first because I do actually think its a really good product just with a few flaws with the first being the price; I know good haircare is expensive and I know you are basically getting two products in one here but at £35 a pop I just feel its tiny and a lot to pay especially if you have very long hair as you would have to use quite a bit per wash. My next negative is the fact it took so long to try and get into it as the pump was really stuck in its locking mechanism which could of just been a flaw on mine so I'm not saying that's a major flaw against the product although I do have some issues with the pump as it feels like it takes an age between pumps to be able to pump again due to the thickness of the product and lastly the fact that it doesn't give clear enough instructions on the actual bottle in how much to use for longer hair yet on the Beauty Mart website where it is sold it tells you to use six or more pumps on longer hair.

Now the positives of this product definitely weigh out the negatives and it really has made me change the way I think about washing my hair because it really is a wonder product for me once you get the hang of actually using it. With all products I got the hang of it with good old trial and error, my first 'wash' was an absolute nightmare and I just couldn't get it to feel like it was cleansing my hair so I tried again with more of the creme and succeeded - I did this by getting my hair really wet and applying around 8 pumps to my hair massaging it in against my scalp and into the ends of my hair. While massaging it into my hair I could feel that my hair was instantly feeling smoother and softer then I let it work for a couple of minutes, combed my hair through and then rinsed it out.

Once I had rinsed it out my hair felt really fresh and my scalp felt clean which was something I was happy about as I really didn't want to of gone through all that effort to have my hair and scalp feeling disgusting and like I needed to give it a good scrub. For the purpose of reviewing the product fully I have tried it without adding any of my usual hair oils or styling products to get the full effects which I have to say I am really pleased with. When I blow-dried my hair I could already feel how soft and smooth my hair was feeling and there was a definite reduction in frizz to the point where my hair was nearly as smooth as I like it to be after I run the straighteners over it and the shine that was left on my hair once styled was unbelievable. It has also been great for when I have left my hair in its natural state as it really helps the curls to be more defined without having what I like to call my frizz halo present.

I have been using this at every wash over the last month or so and I am only just under half way through it but please bare in mind that I do only was my hair around every five days or so due to the nature of my natural hair so if you were to use it and wash your hair more regularly then you would probably get through it a lot quicker than me. I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I will purchase this once it has finished just simply because I can't shake feeling £35 is expensive for the amount of product you get but then when I see how long it lasts, how great it is for my hair and the fact I would willingly pay around that amount for an upmarket shampoo and conditioner I think it just comes down to psychological thinking as its just one product.

Have you ever thought about just using a cleansing creme to clean your hair?


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Friday, 25 July 2014

Birthday Wishlist

So in 10 days I shall be turning another year older and to be honest there isn't much I want for my birthday. I'm not sure if that has something to do with the fact I'm getting older and just can't be bothered with birthdays anymore or due to the fact I haven't seen much I like in a long while but I would be happy with some of the things here as I absolutely love them!.

I am so desperate from the Hey! Holla bag just simply because it remind me of my favourite movie of all time - Clueless!


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Thursday, 24 July 2014

How Am I Going To Survive The Summer Holidays?

Its that time of year again when all the schools break up and hoards of children are inflicted on the poor general public... I know I say it like I absolutely hate all children which I quite clearly don't as I have one myself but the abundance of rude mouthy children that I encounter on a day to day basis is something I shudder when I think about. I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time with Tapanga as she is undoubtedly the most amazing little human being I have ever encountered but I am not looking forward to the constant knocks on the door followed by the following conversation which I get on a all too regular basis...

Child - "Tapangas mum, can Tapanga come out to play?"
Me - "No not today"
Me - "Because I said so"
Me - "Because we are busy and I said so!"
Child - "Tapanga, Tapanga your mum said you can't play out! WHYYYYYYY?"
Tapanga - "Because she said I'm not allowed, we are doing something"
Me - "Goodbye!"

What I really want to say in them instances is 'F@*k off you little rat!'. I mean I am all for children playing out and I know they ask questions but these children are so rude most of the time and this is one of the politer conversations I have with them, most of the time these conversations are shadowed by the kissing of teeth and the use of the phrase 'That's a neck!' which only my common sense tells me what it must mean because I am way too old to know what any childhood lingo means, I mean in my day bad meant good!.

I'm trying to figure out how to survive because I am far from the mothering type, I wish I could stay home and do tons of arts and crafts while whipping up a batch of cookies while baking a cake with Tapanga or I wish I could take us on wonderful picnics where we find loads of things to scrapbook but I can't because I am not that type - I would love to be but I just don't have that inbuilt mother greatness installed inside me.

Instead Tapanga and I are going to do things that we both enjoy so I don't send myself crazy and she doesn't get bored. Some of the things we have planned include a bus tour around London, visiting Ripley's Believe It or Not, Going to the new IMAX Cinema in Bluewater, Chessington World of Adventures, day trips to the beach and swimming.

I might just grab myself a pair of earplugs so that I can sit blissfully and not have to listen to any children but my own.

Please tell me how I am going to survive the summer holidays?


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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Make Up Revolution Eyes Like Angels Palette Review

Swatches of  a few of my favourite shades in the Eyes Like Angels Palette

Make Up Revolution seem to of just jumped on the scene with their highly affordable make up that seems to of got every beauty blogger in the country in a complete and utter tizzy, now I shall be honest when they first came about I did think 'Urgh! Not another cheap make up brand trying to make us spend our money on their pointless make up'. After a little while I was noticing that the reviews of their products were actually really positive and people were thinking they definitely had something special about them plus I saw that a lot of their products made very affordable dupes for more expensive products especially their Iconic 3 Palette which strikes an uncanny resembalance to one of the most sought after eyeshadow palettes of last year *Coughs**Naked 3 Palette*.

I was then given a chance to try Make Up Revolution myself in the form of the Eyes Like Angels Palette* which I was excited about and pondered if it could live up to the expectations I had from reading other peoples blog posts. When it arrived I was a bit taken aback as it was something I wouldn't normally choose due to the nature of all the bright shades but then something seemed to light up inside me because this was exactly what I needed for any mood I might be in because it has a great mix of neutral and then some really playful colours.

I haven't swatched the whole palette simply because there are so many shadows and it has been swatched on numerous blog posts but I have swatched a few of my favourite shades from the palette so you can see the quality and pigmentation in them which is something that is apparent throughout the whole palette. The eyeshadows are completely buttery and really well made with hardly any fallout when applying, they blend well into each other and have a really great wear time. All the eyeshadows which I have worn from the palette out and about have hardly creased and when they have it has been after hours of wear and even then the colours are still vibrant which is something that doesn't occur in many higher ended brands.

Over all I am so impressed with this palette and have been scouring over the Make Up Revolution website adding things to my birthday list although all the palettes I want are sold out... Wahhh!!

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