Saturday, 26 July 2014

Purely Perfect Cleansing Creme


I have to say from the moment I heard about this I was completely intrigued because it goes against the norm with washing your hair as we are all told to shampoo twice and condition once but with this you cleanse your hair with the cream with no suds and no conditioner. The concept of this was so weird to me at first because I have been washing my own hair in a certain way for years and I have also been taught a certain way to wash hair when I was a Saturday girl in my local hairdressers and during my training to become a hairdresser which has always be cleanse, cleanse, condition.

I have been using the Purely Perfect Cleansing Creme* now for around a month so I feel I have given it a good test before bringing my review to you and letting you know all the pros and cons to it. 

Lets get rid of the negatives first because I do actually think its a really good product just with a few flaws with the first being the price; I know good haircare is expensive and I know you are basically getting two products in one here but at £35 a pop I just feel its tiny and a lot to pay especially if you have very long hair as you would have to use quite a bit per wash. My next negative is the fact it took so long to try and get into it as the pump was really stuck in its locking mechanism which could of just been a flaw on mine so I'm not saying that's a major flaw against the product although I do have some issues with the pump as it feels like it takes an age between pumps to be able to pump again due to the thickness of the product and lastly the fact that it doesn't give clear enough instructions on the actual bottle in how much to use for longer hair yet on the Beauty Mart website where it is sold it tells you to use six or more pumps on longer hair.

Now the positives of this product definitely weigh out the negatives and it really has made me change the way I think about washing my hair because it really is a wonder product for me once you get the hang of actually using it. With all products I got the hang of it with good old trial and error, my first 'wash' was an absolute nightmare and I just couldn't get it to feel like it was cleansing my hair so I tried again with more of the creme and succeeded - I did this by getting my hair really wet and applying around 8 pumps to my hair massaging it in against my scalp and into the ends of my hair. While massaging it into my hair I could feel that my hair was instantly feeling smoother and softer then I let it work for a couple of minutes, combed my hair through and then rinsed it out.

Once I had rinsed it out my hair felt really fresh and my scalp felt clean which was something I was happy about as I really didn't want to of gone through all that effort to have my hair and scalp feeling disgusting and like I needed to give it a good scrub. For the purpose of reviewing the product fully I have tried it without adding any of my usual hair oils or styling products to get the full effects which I have to say I am really pleased with. When I blow-dried my hair I could already feel how soft and smooth my hair was feeling and there was a definite reduction in frizz to the point where my hair was nearly as smooth as I like it to be after I run the straighteners over it and the shine that was left on my hair once styled was unbelievable. It has also been great for when I have left my hair in its natural state as it really helps the curls to be more defined without having what I like to call my frizz halo present.

I have been using this at every wash over the last month or so and I am only just under half way through it but please bare in mind that I do only was my hair around every five days or so due to the nature of my natural hair so if you were to use it and wash your hair more regularly then you would probably get through it a lot quicker than me. I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I will purchase this once it has finished just simply because I can't shake feeling £35 is expensive for the amount of product you get but then when I see how long it lasts, how great it is for my hair and the fact I would willingly pay around that amount for an upmarket shampoo and conditioner I think it just comes down to psychological thinking as its just one product.

Have you ever thought about just using a cleansing creme to clean your hair?


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Friday, 25 July 2014

Birthday Wishlist

So in 10 days I shall be turning another year older and to be honest there isn't much I want for my birthday. I'm not sure if that has something to do with the fact I'm getting older and just can't be bothered with birthdays anymore or due to the fact I haven't seen much I like in a long while but I would be happy with some of the things here as I absolutely love them!.

I am so desperate from the Hey! Holla bag just simply because it remind me of my favourite movie of all time - Clueless!


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Thursday, 24 July 2014

How Am I Going To Survive The Summer Holidays?

Its that time of year again when all the schools break up and hoards of children are inflicted on the poor general public... I know I say it like I absolutely hate all children which I quite clearly don't as I have one myself but the abundance of rude mouthy children that I encounter on a day to day basis is something I shudder when I think about. I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time with Tapanga as she is undoubtedly the most amazing little human being I have ever encountered but I am not looking forward to the constant knocks on the door followed by the following conversation which I get on a all too regular basis...

Child - "Tapangas mum, can Tapanga come out to play?"
Me - "No not today"
Me - "Because I said so"
Me - "Because we are busy and I said so!"
Child - "Tapanga, Tapanga your mum said you can't play out! WHYYYYYYY?"
Tapanga - "Because she said I'm not allowed, we are doing something"
Me - "Goodbye!"

What I really want to say in them instances is 'F@*k off you little rat!'. I mean I am all for children playing out and I know they ask questions but these children are so rude most of the time and this is one of the politer conversations I have with them, most of the time these conversations are shadowed by the kissing of teeth and the use of the phrase 'That's a neck!' which only my common sense tells me what it must mean because I am way too old to know what any childhood lingo means, I mean in my day bad meant good!.

I'm trying to figure out how to survive because I am far from the mothering type, I wish I could stay home and do tons of arts and crafts while whipping up a batch of cookies while baking a cake with Tapanga or I wish I could take us on wonderful picnics where we find loads of things to scrapbook but I can't because I am not that type - I would love to be but I just don't have that inbuilt mother greatness installed inside me.

Instead Tapanga and I are going to do things that we both enjoy so I don't send myself crazy and she doesn't get bored. Some of the things we have planned include a bus tour around London, visiting Ripley's Believe It or Not, Going to the new IMAX Cinema in Bluewater, Chessington World of Adventures, day trips to the beach and swimming.

I might just grab myself a pair of earplugs so that I can sit blissfully and not have to listen to any children but my own.

Please tell me how I am going to survive the summer holidays?


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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Make Up Revolution Eyes Like Angels Palette Review

Swatches of  a few of my favourite shades in the Eyes Like Angels Palette

Make Up Revolution seem to of just jumped on the scene with their highly affordable make up that seems to of got every beauty blogger in the country in a complete and utter tizzy, now I shall be honest when they first came about I did think 'Urgh! Not another cheap make up brand trying to make us spend our money on their pointless make up'. After a little while I was noticing that the reviews of their products were actually really positive and people were thinking they definitely had something special about them plus I saw that a lot of their products made very affordable dupes for more expensive products especially their Iconic 3 Palette which strikes an uncanny resembalance to one of the most sought after eyeshadow palettes of last year *Coughs**Naked 3 Palette*.

I was then given a chance to try Make Up Revolution myself in the form of the Eyes Like Angels Palette* which I was excited about and pondered if it could live up to the expectations I had from reading other peoples blog posts. When it arrived I was a bit taken aback as it was something I wouldn't normally choose due to the nature of all the bright shades but then something seemed to light up inside me because this was exactly what I needed for any mood I might be in because it has a great mix of neutral and then some really playful colours.

I haven't swatched the whole palette simply because there are so many shadows and it has been swatched on numerous blog posts but I have swatched a few of my favourite shades from the palette so you can see the quality and pigmentation in them which is something that is apparent throughout the whole palette. The eyeshadows are completely buttery and really well made with hardly any fallout when applying, they blend well into each other and have a really great wear time. All the eyeshadows which I have worn from the palette out and about have hardly creased and when they have it has been after hours of wear and even then the colours are still vibrant which is something that doesn't occur in many higher ended brands.

Over all I am so impressed with this palette and have been scouring over the Make Up Revolution website adding things to my birthday list although all the palettes I want are sold out... Wahhh!!

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Keeping Your Make Up Slip Proof In The Heat


It seems that we have come over in a heatwave here in the UK which is great as we severely lack the sunshine in the best of summers. Now I am the first one to love the heat and sunshine I just don't like the awful humid heat that we seem to be prone to in such built up areas especially because it seems to melt your make up right off and lets face it no one really wants to look like they went ten rounds with a five year old and a baby wipe once they get to where they are going.

Lets talk about base products first because they really are the key to starting off your make up. Some people like to just get rid of them altogether in the summer but I personally can't because I hate the way my skin looks at the best of times and in the sun I really need something that stays put so that is where my Illamasqua Skin Base comes into play or my Vichy Dermablend Foundation as they are both long wearing high coverage foundations. To thin them out a bit as they can feel heavy on warm days I add a little bit of MAC Fix+ as it really works well to give it a lighter consistency with the coverage still there plus it really helps with keeping it all in place.

Its all well and good creating a good base for your other products but if you don't set it properly you will definitely start to notice the slip so I find using a powder like Vichy Dermablend Loose Powder really works to not only keep your make up put but also to smooth out any flaws that are left on your skin giving you a completely even base to put your other products on. I usually leave out bronzer as the heat sets in because I don't feel the need for it half the time and want to keep my make up looking as simple as possible so just stick to blusher like the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush as it really does stay put throughout the day.

For my eyes I always go with a mascara that stays put and is completely waterproof like Diego Dalla Palma Semi Permanent Mascara and if I venture into wanting some colour on my eyes I will swipe on one of my Maybelline Colour Tattoos as they really stay put for the whole day with such minimal creasing. To finish off and set my make up I use a fixing spray with my favourite being Mac Fix+ yet again as it really does pull all your make up together making it look fresh and helps to keep it in place all day - I also keep it in my bag to freshen my face up through the day.

What do you do to keep your make up put in the warmer weather?


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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Simple Sincare: Kind To Skin Giveaway

Simple Skincare and I are collaborating to bring you a great goody bag filled with Simple Skincare!

Living in the city can be so harsh on the skin which is something I know all about living in the hustle and bustle of London's city centre. Elements such as pollution, stress, weather and artificial environments cause redness, dryness and flakiness which are all signs of sensitive skin. Your skin can be sensitive to the city which is why having a good skincare routine is important to combat the effects of city life. Simple is the brand you can trust to be kind to your city skin, as sensitive skin experts. The range contains no artificial perfumes and colours and no harsh chemicals in their products which is absolutely great as you know you are safe in the knowledge of knowing you aren't allowing any more nasties to enter your skin.


The winner will receive a goody bag filled with Simple products which include

Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes
Simple Kind To Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion
Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner
Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser
Simple Kind To Skin Moisturising Facial Wash
 Simple Kind To Skin Illuminating Radiance Cream

To enter just complete as many or as little entries on the Rafflecopter form below.
The giveaway is only open to entrants in the UK and Ireland

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!


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Monday, 14 July 2014

Keeping Your Hair Frizz Free in The Heat

Something I hate about the summer is how much my hair just seems to get bigger and bigger as the day goes on, I have natural curls as a lot of you may know but sometimes under all them curls I get so hot so I have to opt for the smoother sleeker option of having my hair straight but then I run the risk of the humidity getting to it and my hair starts to form a frizzy halo with curly roots and ends that start to kink. I have however over time nailed the whole smooth non frizzy hair with a few simple products.

First off you need products targeted to how you want your hair to be and for fighting the frizz I have found the Umbeto Giannini Frizzi Range to be perfect for this as they really work and if you have read my review of them you will know that I highly rate them and have repurchased them a couple of times since I was introduced to them. After using the shampoo and conditioner I apply a hair oil with my favourite of the moment being the Organix Moroccan Argan Oil and a small amount of Clynol Sealed Ends Hair Repair Cream, these really help to tame any sort of frizz and make your hair look smooth and gives the effect of damage free hair.

I then get a paddle brush to blow dry my hair directing the heat downwards so not to rough up the cuticle. I am absolutely loving the Remmington Silk Paddle Brush* for doing this as it has ceramic around the head which helps reduce drying time, ionic nylon bristles for helping to keep your hair sleek and a handy little sectioning pin in the handle. Once I do this I do follow with straighteners just to make sure my hair is completely smoothed over. Once I am happy with how my hair looks I then brush through with the Braun Satin Hair 7* brush which has iontech which helps give your hair more shine, tames frizz and reduces flyaways so I always make sure I also carry it with me to keep my hair in tip top condition and looking smooth throughout the day.

What are your top tips for keeping your hair frizz free in the heat?


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