Friday, 14 January 2011

Lauren Conrad - Style

Hello lovely ladies!

Lauren Conrad has to be one of my favourite celebrities ever! I have followed her since I first saw her in Laguna Beach and The Hills, I think she's a really down to earth sort of celeb and plus I follow her rule on forgiving and forgetting which is I will forgive you but now I'm going to forget you! Wise words if you ask me.
She has a list of many things under her belt from T.V, a fashion line and being an author, her style is in my eyes impeccable and her make up always seems to be flawless, she does off duty chic as good as she does on duty but always seems to pull both off effortlessly. 

Pre warning - This post is a bit picture heavy!

(Pictures from

I bought Laurens Style book just after Christmas and I love it!!

The book basically takes you through the whole style basics that you need to know from day to day, work wear, going out and beach wear all the way through to tips on arranging your closet, bags to buy, jewellery, make up, hair and even a section on what to pack for your holidays.
I like the fact that she urges you to buy cheap things because things go out of fashion easily and to also try before you buy by buying something similar but that's cheap to see if you actually like the real deal. There is also a whole chapter dedicated to make up which gives some handy tips and tricks and even a 5 minute make up how to, there are also hair how to's like mastering perfect waves, at home blowdrying and simple special occasion hair.
Overall I think its a really good book that gives a good approach to building your wardrobe and it also has some great pictures, it is really easy to read and I think everyone should own a little piece of Lauren.

Have any of you read Laurens book? What did you think of it?
Do you love Laurens style?

Have a lovely night girls :)
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  1. I really want this book! It looks so good! I must pick it up soon! :) xx

  2. she is my hair inspiration. so stylish and the i will forgive you and now forget you is so good! xx

  3. Justine - Go and get it!! :) xx

    LC - She is my all time inspiration, I love her and I feel like shes really genuine which is not the impression you get from a lot of celebs. Ha! I love the I will forgive you and forget you - She is A-M-A-Z-ING!! :) xx

  4. hey =) i've given you an award over at my blog xx

  5. I love her style! Loved the book too but didn't really learn anything new :( xx

  6. @Kirsty - I do too :)

    @starsglittermagic - Thank you hunnie :)

    @Sriya - I know me either that was the only problem :( xx

  7. I know this is an older post, but i love lauren!! i got her book for my birthday, and i love it xx


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