Monday, 25 July 2011

Is Laurens Way The Only Way?

Hey Girls!

So lately I seem to of been on a quest for the best fake tan around and I have to say I think my search may finally be over thanks to Laurens Way!

Laurens Way Tanning Lotion 250ml - £15.95

I had been wanting to try Laurens Way for ages and when I went to buy it sadly there was no stock, so I just moved on to the next one but I kept seeing these pesky little tweets saying how amazing it was so it was still in the back of my mind...... Cue TOWIB where I was lucky enough to get the tanning lotion! *Squeals*

Now I have to tell you this has got to be hands down the most amazing tan I have tried.... Not only does it smell like chocolate orange, apply like a dream, dries quickly for a lotion and just seems to be genuinely fool proof it also gives you the most amazing olive skin tan!.
There is no orange tones in sight, I even tanned the backs of my hands and my feet without getting the dreaded deeper orange hand/foot syndrome. Over the time it was developing there was no fake tan smell and only the faintest whiff of it in the morning when I woke up but after popping in the shower to wash off the guide colour that was gone, never to return.

The Tan Itself
 (Day 3 picture, forgot to take one straight away sorry)

Now I tanned last Monday night and I can tell you today I still have a slight tan left over from using it, it has faded evenly with no patchiness and I shower with exfoliating gloves everyday!

So is Laurens Way the only way? I think it is for me!
I'm off to go and smother myself in some more now so tomorrow I can look like I just stepped off a plane from my holidays.


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  1. I havehavehave to get this! Once my XEN-Tan has run out :) xo

  2. I have read so many fab reviews about this tan! It looks such a good colour!! xx

  3. I really want to try this! I've tried a few fake tans and failed so just haven't bothered with them for years because the scare the hell out of me!
    I can't decide whether to risk paying that money for something I may not get on with, decisions, decisions! It does look good though! x

  4. I really want to try this, it looks really good on you! Think when I have some money I will need to purchase it! xx

  5. so glad you like it =) colour looks great on you!xx

  6. That's such a lovely colour! Defo want to try this now :)xx

  7. Looks stunning!! Where can you buy it? Xxx

  8. After all the review on this I think I may need to deviate from Xen Tan now and try it! Looks like a gorgeous shade of brown!


  9. I'm definitely trying this next. X

  10. Wanted to try this for ages! May have to give it a go now, but £15.95 seems really expensive when I have my trusty St Moritz at £2.99 a bottle!

    Carly x

  11. I've seen so much about this I really need to try it, fab results!


  12. Definitely going to give it a try! and I love your bracelets. haha

    be sure to check out my blog and follow if you like it <3


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