Monday, 20 February 2012

Inglot Lipsticks

I have wanted to try Inglot products for so long but never really got around to it, so when I went to IMATS I knew Inglot was somewhere I had to visit especially due to the fact I had fallen madly in love with two of their lipsticks online. 

Inglot Lipsticks - £10.00 Each

Inglot Lipsticks in Shades 280 (Left) and 143 (Right) 
Top 280 - Bottom 143
Inglot Lipstick in 280
Inglot Lipstick in 143

A good place to start with these is the packaging from a first off glance they look like your average black plastic lipstick container but instead it is in fact metal which I really like, there's something about it that makes it more sturdy and robust which means I can just chuck it in my bag and not really worry about it. 

Both the lipsticks are incredibly creamy and glide on like an absolute dream, they smell exactly like strawberry bubble gum which was a bit of a surprise but a welcomed one at that. When you first apply them you can smell it so bare that in mind if you are a bit sensitive to smells and want to purchase these but after about 15 minutes or so you can no longer detect any smell at all. Both of the lipsticks aren't the most long wearing ones I have use but they do stay for at least 2 hours depending on what I am doing. 

I like the fact that they take on an almost different colour when applied to my lips becoming slightly more vibrant than they are in their packaging or when swatched on the hand. I would describe 280 as an orangy red on my lips and 143 as a fuchsia type pink, I love both of these lipsticks although I have been wearing 280 a lot since buying it.

Have you tried any Inglot products? 


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  1. I own one Inglot lipstick but will definitely be purchasing more - I was pleasantly surprised when I tried them! x

    1. So was I! I think they are really nice and the smell was a surprise too! xx

  2. I love 280, it looks like such a unique colour on the swatch :) I'd love to try out some Inglot products :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

    1. 280 is absolutely gorgeous! I really have no shade like it either :) If you can get your hands on some deffo do because I think you will be impressed :) xx

  3. they look so gorgeous and creamy on your lips! xxx

  4. The colours look amazing, so different from the bullets xx

    1. I was a bit shocked by the difference but it was a happy shock! xx


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