Monday, 26 March 2012

GHD Style & Protect Gift Set

GHD have been a brand that everyone knows for their straighteners, I have been using them for around the last 10 years which is also probably the last time I ever used any of their styling products. I remember I got a heat protecting spray and some sort of style hold spray, I can remember the smell of them both like it was yesterday - bathroom citrus spray is what I likened it to, now obviously 10 years on I am trying some of their styling range again and I am glad to report that smell has gone...

The set is housed in a sleek black box with the contents being -
GHD Paddle Brush
GHD Style Straight & Smooth Spray
GHD Style Final Shine Spray
Two GHD Sectioning Clips

I have to start with the smell seeing as it was the thing I had mentioned above that stuck in my mind from my last GHD styling product experience, it has without a doubt improved massively with it smelling very nice - A definite scent you would smell in the hairdressers and I think we all try to create that hairdresser fresh hair at home so the smell of these will definitely work towards getting that feeling.

The products themselves are housed in sleek black packaging with the gold GHD logo, which makes them look very expensive and something you wouldn't be ashamed of popping on your dressing table. The Straight and Smooth Spray is a pump spray with the Final Shine Spray being an aerosol.

After washing my hair and giving it a little dry with the towel I followed the instructions of spraying 4-6 sprays of Straight and Smooth all over my hair and then blow drying with the Paddle Brush, directing the heat down the hair shaft to reduce frizz. I noticed that the Straight and Smooth spray had made my hair less frizzy than it normally would of been if I hadn't of used any but I think that in future if I was to repurchase I would go for the Straight and Smooth for Thick/Coarse hair as the one I have is for Normal/Fine and as I have curly hair that one may be better suited. 

The Final Shine Spray leaves the hair with a really nice shine and helps smooth all the little flyaways that always seem to pop up after straightening your hair, its in an aerosol so its easy to get a nice mist as in the past I have used pump action ones which have left my hair a bit heavy by letting out too much spray or not spraying properly. 

For me the shining star of the whole set is the Paddle Brush, I have actually fallen quite in love with it and I never thought I could with a brush. I mean I've always had a favourite brush but with this I don't even want someone to look at or touch it because its so nice. It works its way through knots perfectly and grabs hold of the hair letting you direct heat and smooth out large sections of hair very easily. Plus its got a really nice finish to it with that soft rubber type of plastic and nice silver GHD embossed handle end. 

Overall a really nice set and one that would make a perfect treat for anyone who likes to keep their hair looking straight and sleek.

You can buy the GHD Style & Protect Gift Set and also everything inside the set separately (with exception to the clips, I can't seem to find them on there) on the GHD Website.

Have you used GHD styling products? Do you remember the old ones like I do?

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  1. i love my GHD's that my boyfriend brought me for christmas, they are so easy to use, 20 mins tops for my hair to be sleek and straight and i have hair like mia in "princess diaries" BEFORE the makeover! LOL i also have the heat protection spray and those 2 little clips that came with my GHD! There all brilliant! X

  2. I've probably had about 20 pairs of hair straighteners in my life and GHD's are by far the best. I got the paddle brush and sectioning clips in a set with my latest pair and the sectioning clips are amazing. I looove them.

    What is it about GHD that makes your hair feel so light? They're just amazing.


  3. This looks like a brilliant package, I have the final shine spray which is just amazing, I didn't think that products worked so well but my goodness ghd have outdone themselves :)

  4. I love my GHD's but where my hair getting longer think I need the wider plates! Have used GHD's for almost 10 years!? I need to try the products out for a change! They sound great.


  5. I've been using a different brand for a while now but my friend recommended this product too. I'm okay with what I am using now but I would love to try this too. I like that paddle hairbrush. hair cutting classes

  6. I've been using a different brand for a while now but my friend recommended this product too. I'm okay with what I am using now but I would love to try this too. I like that paddle hairbrush. hair cutting classes


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